Snack Mix Trends for the General Population

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Posted: August 27,2018

Awhile back, we looked at the snack mix trends for millennials. We found they like to snack multiple times a day on a variety of flavors and textures. But, what about the rest of the population? What does the general population want from their snack mixes and how does that differ from millennials? We turned to research to find out.

While millennials might “out-snack” the rest of the population in terms of frequency, the general population doesn’t shy away from reaching for a midday bite. In fact, this broader demographic has a higher usage rate for snack mixes in particular.

Flavor is a big differentiator for millennials and the general population. While the two groups share a common interest in their top 3 favorite flavors (cheese, salty and savory, respectively), our research indicates that millennials rank sweet snacks higher, whereas the general population gravitates more towards flavors like smoked, grilled, roasted and toasted. Sweet doesn’t even crack the top 10 ranked flavors for the latter demographic.

“Premium” is key

According to our research, “Premium” is the most important claim for snack mix offerings to the general population. This cohort also prefers snacks that claim to be a good source of fiber and have less fat than a potato chip. Millennials, on the other hand, want a snack that claims to keep you full longer.

These top-rated claims indicate that both groups care about the health benefits of snack mix offerings to some degree. However, their perceptions vary between what’s considered healthy and what’s not. On a scale of 0 to 10 (0 being not at all healthy, 10 being very healthy) 71% of the general population rate current snack mixes in the 5-10 range. Only 54% of millennials rate current snack mixes the same way.

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