The Crunch Customers Crave

We start with pure California rice, add texturizing seeds and other better-for-you ingredients, dry them to a specified moisture and bake in our delicious crunch. Plus, our delightfully thin and crispy crackers can meet a large number of nutritional claims including gluten-free, Non-GMO, low fat, low sodium, and 100% whole grain.

Rice • Multi-Seed • Multi-Grain • Bean • Teff • Vegetable/Fruit Based • Sorghum • Amaranth • Quinoa • Sprouted Grains • Buckwheat • Custom

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Rectangular Multi-Seed Cracker


A crunchy, baked cracker embedded with your choice of seed(s).
Rectangular Multi-Grain Cracker


Crunchy, baked crackers with whole grains and seeds.
Circular Rice Cracker


Crackers made with pure rice and sesame then baked to a light, crispy perfection.
Squiggle Veggie Cracker


Crunchy, baked crackers made from a variety of vegetables.
Circular Bean Cracker


A crispy snack cracker made with real beans.
Rectangular Grain-Free Cracker


Delicious, crunchy, baked crackers made with flour and other grain-free ingredients.
TH Foods Mini Crackers


Any of our crispy, crunchy, baked chips in a miniature version.
Brownie Thin

Sweet Dessert

Delicious, guilt-free thins baked to a perfect crunch.
TH Foods Custom Cracker


Whatever you can dream, we can help evolve and ultimately create.

Seasonal Inspirations

We can work with you to match the flavors of the season to your product. Zesty Cranberry for Thanksgiving. A snap of cinnamon for the Holidays. A punch of fruit flavors in spring. Or, a hint of barbecue for the summer season. Let our team broaden your brand scope with inspirational innovations all year round.

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ingredients-orange, cinnamon, star of anise, salt

Unique with Usuyaki

We have a unique advantage utilizing authentic and proprietary baking technology from Japan. In fact, TH Foods is the only “Usuyaki” style rice cracker manufacturer in North America. This style enables us to bake thin, light and crispy crackers with a satisfying crunch in every bite.

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bowl of round rice gluten-free crackers