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variety of seasonings in white bowls

Ideas that Bring Customers
Back for More

Strong on trends. Built on research. Concepts that begin in our imaginations are formulated by our skilled food scientists in our full pilot plant. Great tasting snacks from TH Foods will satisfy your customers’ cravings and help you develop a product portfolio that will meet your needs, exceed your expectations and have customers coming back for more.

Co-Manufacturing/ Private LabelSnack Mix Components

According to the IFIC – 1 in 3 Americans are following specific dieting or eating patterns.
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Our R&D is Your R&D

New ideas, new products, new packaging and new technologies. We like to think we are pretty good at taking care of the devil in all of the details a project entails. That’s why our R&D team is always accessible to you. It ensures we are all heading in the right direction on ideation, prioritization, functionality and claims. Contact Us

Pilot Plant

This is where we bring our innovations to life. You have to experience our plant to really understand its potential for your products. Collaborating together. Combining our world-class team of snack experts with our proprietary baking techniques and technologies. That’s why great snacks start here.