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variety of seasonings in white bowls

Better Insights. Better Products.

We are a leader in designing new tastes and textures that will not only enhance your product, but really help it stand out. We incorporate trend data and our own proprietary research-driven insights to develop new concepts. For example, grain-free trends lead to plant-based products. On-the-go snacking inspired an everything bagel breakfast snack mix with indulgent greek yogurt-covered fruit. Demographic-specific research inspired new bold flavor fusions that we know millenials desire. Each new insight inspires innovations, and those innovations create repeat customers.

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According to the IFIC – 1 in 3 Americans are following specific dieting or eating patterns.
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Our R&D is Your R&D

Our culinary experts are busy cooking up ways to add that something special to your next product or snack food application. Ethnic flavors, layers of sweet and heat, an undeniable crunch or a value-added nutritional benefit. Building out the complexity of a flavor and texture experience is what sets one product apart from the rest. That’s why our R&D team is always accessible to you, working as an extension of your team – your personal R&D department. Let’s get started and create something better, together. Contact Us

Pilot Plant

This is where we bring our innovations to life. You have to experience our plant to really understand its potential for your products. Collaborating together. Combining our world-class team of snack experts with our proprietary baking techniques and technologies. That’s why great snacks start here.

Processing Capabilities

TH Foods invests in proprietary manufacturing processes to deliver on-trend, better tasting and culinary-inspired snacks and ingredients.

  • Roasting
  • Dicing
  • Panning
  • Coatings
  • Mixing
  • Extrusion
  • Baking/Popping (proprietary baking process creating ‘Usuyaki’ style rice crackers)