TH Foods, Inc. California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 Disclosure Statement


TH Foods, Inc.’s (“TH Foods”) business and business philosophy are guided by the highest ethical standards. As part of such standards, TH Foods is opposed to human trafficking and slavery in all forms and supports efforts to ensure that goods and services that are the products of such illegal behavior are not incorporated into the supply chain of products sold in the United States and worldwide. TH Foods wishes to assure that the products it purchases from its vendors and suppliers have not been produced by means of human trafficking and/or slavery and/or any other unlawful means. TH Foods fully expects its vendors and suppliers to comply with all applicable laws regarding human trafficking and/or slavery. In this regard, TH Foods’ purchase orders specifically require its vendors and suppliers to represent and warrant that any products sold to TH Foods are manufactured/produced in compliance with all applicable federal, state, provincial and local laws, statutes, treaties and regulations. TH Foods specifically highlights the requirement to comply with laws addressing human trafficking and slavery. (While at the present time, TH Foods does not engage in verification or audits of its vendors and suppliers; and does not have an internal accountability standard relative to the issues of slavery and human trafficking; if TH Foods becomes aware of any such issues relative to its vendors/suppliers, TH Foods would take immediate corrective action to assure that its products do not contain ingredients/inputs that are manufactured/produced in violation of applicable law.) TH Foods is proud of the fact that it has always dealt with reputable suppliers/vendors so that TH Foods can continue to deliver quality food products manufactured in compliance with applicable law.