Snack Crisps, Chips & Snack Mixes

square mini crisps in bowl

Better-for-you Snacks

Large or small; light and crispy with an incredible baked crunch or a delectable soft popped texture. Choose from a range of desired claims – gluten-free, whole grains, low in fat, low in sodium, high in fiber – and pair those with the highest quality, wholesome ingredients. The result? Great-tasting, better-for-you snacking options from TH Foods.

Minis • Crisps • Popped • Custom

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A crunchy, baked, bite-sized unit flavored with any unique flavoring.
Popped Crisps


An airy light snack alternative to crisps that are popped.
Mini Crisps


Any of our crispy, crunchy, baked crisps in a miniature version.
Brownie Thin

Dessert Crisp

Delicious, guilt-free thins baked to a perfect crunch.
Custom Crisps


Whatever you can dream, we can help evolve and create.

Custom Snack Mixes to Meet Your Needs

Together, we can help develop a snack mix that meets all of your requirements. Whether you brand your creation under your own name, or use our house brand, Pathway Valley Snacks, we will help you put the perfect mix in consumers’ hands. We craft our snack mixes from the following inclusions:

Snacks for the Season

Consider a fun new shape to perfect your snack mix in time for kick-off. Or, the heart-warming flavor of grandma’s pumpkin pie baked into every bite of a light and crispy cracker. Spice up your product line with a unique snack offering for the seasons.

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fall-inspired ingredients

bowl of edamame popped snacks

Popped to Perfection

These light, soft-textured snacks are perfect when crunch is the need but high fat fried products are not desired. Our popped products are gluten-free and can be made with the same great nutritional claims as our baked specialty crackers.

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