Big Company Products With Small Company

Quick turnaround on new ideas that will give you immediate impact on store shelves with staying power. Looking for baked or popped snacks, specialty crackers, snack crisps and chips or just a better-for-you option? We’ve got it at TH Foods. Plus, all of our baked snacks are gluten-free.

Looking for a new seasonal item? The next hot trend? Or, just a new twist to an old favorite? Trust our team at TH Foods to work with you on your next great snack sensation.

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Specialty Crackers


Snack Crisps & Chips


Top 5 Cracker Trends

Lifestyle, flavor, packaging, ingredient transparency, claims and so many more factors drive cracker trends. TH Foods’ team of snack experts is always looking at ways to stay on top of trends and create products that will catapult off the shelves...

Shapes & Sizes







Take Your Pick

Square, round, curvy (squiggle), oval, triangular (tortilla) and minis. Small enough to eat in a bite or large enough to handle a heavy dip. We can create any shape and size specialty cracker.


Our Secret is Your Secret

Our innovative processes help create our unique product offerings. Utilizing authentic and proprietary technology from Japan, TH Foods is the only “Usuyaki” style rice cracker manufacturer in North America.

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Packaged Just Right

TH Foods offers a wide variety of packaging options to meet your needs.

  • Pillow bags
  • Pillow bags with tear notches and nitrogen flush available with bag in box
  • 4-cell plastic trays with poly or foil overwrap
  • Single serve
  • Stand up resealable pouches
  • Club size packaging options and industrial use
  • Bulk packaging for food service and industrial uses