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Nuts, Fruits & Confections

variety of nuts, fruits and confections dry and fresh ingredients on slate

Better Ideas. Breakthrough Products.

TH Foods is focused on cultivating better ideas. Those ideas lead to breakthrough snack innovations that generate higher demand from your customers. Our goal is to deliver high-quality, trend-forward concepts so your private label products will stand out in a competitive, crowded store shelf environment.

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praline pecans next to cinnamon sticks and honey

Premium Nuts

We offer a full line of premium nut varieties and grades. Any way you want them – raw, roasted, whole, sliced, chopped, pieced, and more.

Try them slow roasted and coated – layered with unique flavors ranging from sweet to savory and heat. Or, add texture from a decadent praline or honey roasting. Each new product we create together will entice new, repeat customers.

dried pineapple, apricots and mango


Our dried fruits can brighten any snack mix or be enjoyed on their own. Whole or diced – choose from a wide variety of dried fruits to add mouthwatering flavor and texture to your product portfolio.

chocolate coated, yogurt covered almonds next to chunks of chocolate


Coated or even double-dipped. We can turn any of our premium nuts and fruits into a decadent indulgence.