It’s More Than Just a Job. It’s a Career.

TH Foods has a range of roles and departments serving both production and business purposes. Explore our job functions to launch your career today.

& Operations

“TH has worked with me every step of the way. I’ve received the assistance and resources needed every time I’m ready to take the next step in my development.”

–Reyna, Senior Human Resource
Generalist, started in operations

Manufacturing & Operations

Your first step toward success is at TH Foods. As one of the largest and hardest working teams at TH Foods, manufacturing and operations members are integral in helping create and maintain the production and quality of all TH Foods products. Open the door to endless career advancement opportunities at TH Foods today.

From processing to packaging, the Operations department produces the snacks that go out the door and to the hands of our consumers.

Through careful monitoring and inspection of our products and processes, the Quality team at TH Foods oversees the sanitation of all equipment and ensures the quality of all products and packaging meets food safety standards through X-rays and PH level testing.

Our Maintenance teams oversee vendor management, take care of our facilities, and troubleshoot and repair all production and support equipment to ensure our warehouses are running safely and efficiently.

TH Foods Warehouse members are responsible for all inbound and outbound logistics, including inventory management, processing and packing orders, and providing raw materials to the line.


Corporate teams help initiate growth and elevate TH Foods’ performance in the competitive market. Team members use innovative strategies and tactics to carry out our mission and drive meaningful results.

Supply Chain
From material planning and scheduling to customer service and buying, our Supply Chain team plays a critical role in taking our product from production to consumption.

Our Sales team is the bridge that connects our brands and products with our customers. We’re focused on strengthening relationships with a variety of retailers and discovering growth opportunities that accelerate financial returns.

Research &
Through precise measurement, our R&D team turns science into possibility. Data driven innovation helps develop tasty products that meet our customers’ evolving tastes.

Beyond day-to-day financial management, like payroll and accounting aspects, the Finance department steers TH Foods towards the best course of action to ensure long term financial gains.

In addition to overseeing all of TH Foods’ capital expenditures, our Engineering team is responsible for all mechanical systems of our manufacturing plants and ensures the changes, quality and safety standards of a project are upheld during production.

As leaders in digital transformation, the IT team is the technology engine that powers growth through intellectual capital and innovative capabilities.

From attracting, retaining and nurturing talent to ensuring everyone feels comfortable to be their authentic selves, the Human Resources team is passionate about lifting others up and establishing a welcoming work environment.

An in-depth understanding of our customers allows our Marketing team to craft unique brand experiences through a combination of traditional marketing with emerging trends.

“Collaboration is at the heart of TH Foods corporate culture. Our diverse experiences enable us to tackle problems from multiple angles resulting in superior results.”

– Braden,
Senior Marketing Manager