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Often imitated, but never replicated, TH Foods is the premier manufacturer of bulk sesame, corn and specialty snack mix components. In fact, we are the leading producer of sesame sticks in North America. Collaborating with us, we provide our customers with new ideas, innovative flavor combinations and consistent results for their new and custom products. They get us – right in the mix.

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Our proprietary process allows us to make the best tasting sesame, corn and specialty snacks available anywhere. We make over 40 different varieties in a wide range of shapes, sizes and delicious flavors. These products are key components to any snack or trail mix.


Our bulk snack mix components are available in two different package materials. They can vary from 2-6 lbs foil bags and up to 40 lbs. polyethylene bags.

Keeping Things Fresh

Our snack-mix experts are constantly researching and cooking up fresh new ideas. We combine select natural grains and seeds to create delicious new flavors with satisfying textures, all carefully blended for the perfect crunch. Choose from our newest creations as a stand-alone item or to perfect your next snack mix sensation.

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Snack Mix Components


Wide or Narrow Sticks, Chips & Bits

As the leading manufacturer of high quality sesame sticks in North America, we offer a wide variety of shapes, sizes and flavors. Made with real toasted sesame seeds, customers love our signature flavor and crunch.

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Sesame Oat Bran Sticks

A blend of real sesame and oat bran creates a robust flavor.



Garlic Sticks

Indulge in our exquisitely crafted Toasted Sesame Sticks infused with a tantalizingly bold garlic taste.

#10003S15/2-7.5 lb. Bags


Garlic Sticks

Indulge in our exquisitely crafted Toasted Sesame Sticks infused with a tantalizingly bold garlic taste.

#10003S40/40lb. Bulk

Jalapeno Cheddar Sticks

Indulge in our irresistible Cheesy Jalapeno Sesame Sticks, meticulously crafted with the real essence of Jalapeno, infusing every bite with a bold and savory experience.


3 narrow sesame sticks

Sesame Sticks

A signature piece - made with real toasted sesame and a great crunch.


3 narrow cheddar sesame sticks

Cheddar Sesame Sticks

A combination of real sesame and a bold cheddar taste.


3 narrow cajun sesame sticks

Cajun Sesame Hot Sticks

Real sesame and an authentic Cajun taste with garlic, pepper and onion.


3 wide hot sesame sticks

Hot & Spicy Sesame Sticks

Combined hot sauce and real sesame make this stick with a serious kick!


3 sesame mini chips

Sesame Mini Chips

Our signature sesame blend made with real sesame in a small chip.


3 wide everything sesame sticks

Everything Sticks

Onion, garlic, sesame and poppy seed – it’s like an everything bagel in a delicious crunchy stick.


Honey Roast
Snack Mix Components

Wide or Narrow Sticks & Chips

Our honey roast items start with our quality sesame base. Then we add a sweet honey tack to create a flavorful crunch. Our honey roast coating keeps the sesame stick from absorbing moisture so it can be used in mixes that contain other higher moisture components like dried fruit.

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Pineapple Habanero Honey Roast Mini Chips

The taste of sweet pineapple and honey meet fiery habanero for a perfect blend of sweet and heat!


3 wide honey roast sticks

Honey Roast Sesame Sticks - Wide

A true signature piece made with real sesame and honey.


3 honey roast chips

Honey Roast Mini Chips

The same delicious taste and crunch of our signature honey roast sticks packed into a small chip.


Snack Mix Components


Sticks, Chips, Bites, Jacks & Churritos

From our best-selling Cajun sticks to our completely on-trend corn chips with flax – there are endless varieties of our corn-based snack mix components to choose from.

And, several of our items can be gluten-free.

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Guacamole Bites

These natural green bites taste like zesty guacamole in a twisted stick.



Cheddar Corn Sticks

Real corn with the taste of bold cheddar cheese.



Hot Churrito Corn Sticks

Experience the perfect fusion of heat and savory with our uniquely shaped Churritos, coated in a spicy hot sauce seasoning.


3 nacho corn sticks

Nacho Corn Sticks

A true classic taste of nacho cheddar cheese in a corn stick.


3 hot cajun corn sticks

Hot Cajun Corn Sticks

Real corn and spicy hot Cajun seasoning taste.


3 salsa corn sticks

Salsa Corn Sticks

The taste of zesty, restaurant-style salsa.


3 salted corn chips with flax

Salted Corn Chips w/ Flax Seed

Real corn and flax seeds with a touch of salt in a crunchy chip.


3 chili cheese corn jacks

Chili Cheese Corn Jacks

The taste of cheddar cheese and bountiful chili in a twisted corn stick.



Minis & Chips

Our specialty bulk crackers are thin, crunchy and simply delicious and can support a variety of better-for-you-claims. They come in a variety of bases and sizes that can fit in a snack pack or single serve packaging. Shelf-life is 150-300 days depending on the item. Minimum order quantity is 5,000LBs.

Custom formulations • Ancient grains • Vegetable-based • Gluten-free • Organic • Non-GMO

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Mini Rectangle Shaped Multigrain Sea Salt Cracker

Multi-Grain Sea Salt
Mini Rectangles
Cracker Width: 27-34mm

Thin, mini, crispy rectangle cracker with brown rice, whole grain corn, flax seeds, sesame seed and Millet with a touch of sea salt.


Mini Round Nacho Corn Cracker

Nacho Corn
Mini Rounds
Cracker Width: 27-34mm

A big, cheesy nacho taste in a thin, crispy mini round cracker.


Mini Triangle Shaped Roasted Veggie Corn Cracker

Roasted Veggie Corn
Mini Triangles
Cracker Width: 22-32mm

Thin, crispy, mini cracker in a triangle shape with a savory roasted vegetable taste. Made with real vegetables.


Full-Size Rectangle Shaped 7 Ancient Grains Sea Salt Cracker

7-Ancient Grains Sea Salt
Full-Size Rectangles
Cracker Width: 35-50mm

Brown rice, sorghum, sesame, quinoa, flax seeds, millet and Amaranth combined in a thin, crunchy ancient grain full size cracker.


Nuts / Fruits / Confections

Raw, Roasted, Whole, Chopped, Diced, Pieced & More.

Sweet. Spicy. Crunchy. Soft. We have individual and blended nuts, fruits and confections that will tantalize consumer pallets.

Selection of nuts

A full line of premium nut varieties and grades.

Selection of Fruits

Our dried fruits can add a punch to any snack mix – even on their own.

Selection of chocolate covered products

Get decadent indulgence – coated or double dipped!

spread of wide sesame sticks