Trends in Organic Snacking

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Posted: September 21,2017

In recent years the demand for organic snacking options, fueled by cultural shifts and a growing base of health-conscious consumers, has skyrocketed.

A cultural shift

Gone are the times when snacks were considered simply an indulgence – tasty treats with little nutritional value. Consumers want a different kind of snack now. A satisfying bite with health benefits.

Increasing awareness of healthy eating has encouraged consumers to look for more natural foods without unnecessary ingredients.

According to Mintel, 84% of all consumers choose foods with “free-from” claims because they are seeking more natural and less processed foods.

Millennials are a driving force in the clean eating trend. According to our research, on a scale of 1-10 (10 of highest importance) 60% of millennials surveyed rated “healthy” a 6-10 on the scale of importance when asked, “How Important is it to you that a snack mix be healthy.”

Organic is a big deal

Of all the health claims out there, organic tends to be one of the most important to consumers. In fact, research by the Organic Trade Association suggests that over 82% of U.S. households buy organic. And, Americans spend nearly $50 billion dollars on organic annually.

At TH Foods, we recognize the importance of healthy, better-for-you snacks. We want to make sure that we’re providing our customers with the most valuable snack mix components, and that includes organic.

We are now excited to offer four new organic snack mix components:

  • Organic Salted Corn Chips with Flax – organic corn and flax seeds with a touch of salt in a crunchy chip
  • Organic Sesame Sticks – Wide – A wide signature piece, now organic – made with real toasted sesame and a great crunch
  • Organic Sesame Sticks – Narrow – A thin, narrow signature piece, now organic – made with real toasted sesame and great crunch
  • Organic Honey Roast Sesame Sticks – Narrow – A premium organic honey roast thin and narrow stick made with organic sesame and honey

Contact us to learn more.

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