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Better quality. Better texture. Better taste. With a large R&D staff, research chef, and a full pilot plant, we can create a premium product that will exceed your expectations. Our dedicated marketing, product development, quality assurance, engineers, operations, and regulatory staff work together to offer you a full service, turnkey experience. Whether you are aiming to provide your customers with a greater crunch or you strive to have the hottest spice on the shelf, the products at TH Foods can transform your culinary imagination into a reality.

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    Our Specialty Snacks

    Big Products And Fast Speed

    If you’re looking for better-for-you snack options, baked or popped snacks, specialty crackers, snack crisps and chips, or premium nuts, dried fruits, and confections, TH Foods can give your customers something better than they expected. Looking for a new seasonal item? The next hot trend? Or, just a new twist to an old favorite? Trust our team to work with you on your next breakthrough product, and make it crunchier and more flavorful than you could have ever imagined.

    Crackers and Chips

    We use texturizing seeds and better-for-you ingredients, dry them to a specified moisture, and bake or pop in our delicious crunch.

    Tasty Texture

    Snack Mixes

    Our large variety of culinary-inspired ingredients paired with your imagination can create the most delicious snack mix for the store shelves.

    More Than Mix

    Gourmet Nuts

    We offer a full line of premium nut varieties and grades. Any way you want them – raw, roasted, whole, sliced, chopped, pieced, and more.

    Something New

    Let Us Help Craft Your Culinary Dream

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    What We Can Do

    Innovative, on-trend, and unique to your brand, our private label offerings are custom-formulated and consistently delivered to your desired flavor profile, claim, and presentation. We offer the most desirable crunch with the snap of our baked crackers, we can coat ingredients with various levels of flavor and spice, we ensure even distribution with our hand mixing process, and so much more! We are more than just a snack mix components company, we provide a true partnership and guidance to make your snacking dreams come true.


    We use a unique and proprietary baking process, allowing us to provide the greatest crunch and pop possible.

    Taste The Crunch


    Boost your flavor profile with any variety of seasonings from sweet or indulgent to savory or heat.

    Pack On Flavor


    We hand mix most of our mix blends to ensure blend accuracy and minimize the number of broken ingredients.

    Mix Things Up

    Claims To Fame

    Mixes And Ingredients For All

    TH Foods is proud to offer a variety of snack mixes and inclusions to align with the lifestyle goals and needs of you and your customers with better-tasting, better-for-you selections. Some of the most sought-after ingredients that we see and that our facilities can provide abide by the claims listed below.


    Gluten-free foods are growing in popularity, and our gluten-free options offer all the flavor, texture, and satisfaction of comparable snacks without the stomach pain or regret.


    non-GMO logo


    Ingredients and mixes at TH Foods can be made without additions that were derived from genetically-engineered organisms.


    organic logo

    USDA Organic

    Organic options are both healthy and tasty with selections from TH Foods. Our organic ingredients are handled with special care and pride to ensure integrity.


    kosher logo


    The Hebrew word “kosher” means fit or proper as it relates to Jewish dietary law. Our kosher foods are permitted to be eaten, and can be used as ingredients in the production of additional food items as well.


    vegan logo


    For those who practice a vegan diet, we have a variety of options to align with this lifestyle. Crunch, texture, and satisfying taste excels with our vegan selections.


    whole grain logo

    Whole Grain

    Whole grain ingredients and snacks pack more punch, flavor, and health benefits, and our deep lineup of specialty crackers and chips provide just that.


    Low Sodium

    Too much sodium can be problematic for our diets, which is why TH Foods offers inclusions with low sodium to ensure healthier foods and longevity.


    Clean Label

    Everything is better when it's clean, including ingredients. Our snacks can be engineered with various clean label ingredients to adhere to this lifestyle dietary choice.



    We are the leader in designing new tastes and textures that will not only enhance your product, but really help it stand out. We incorporate trend data and our own proprietary research-driven insights to develop new concepts. For example, grain-free trends lead to plant-based products. On-the-go snacking inspired an everything bagel breakfast snack mix with indulgent greek yogurt-covered fruit. Demographic-specific research inspired new bold flavor fusions that we know millennials desire. Each new insight inspires innovations, and those innovations create repeat customers.


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    TH Foods offer a wide variety of packaging options to meet the needs of both you and your customers. Our different packaging selections include: pillow bags, bag in box, 4-cell plastic trays with poly or foil overwrap, single servings, stand-up and resealable pouches, club-size snacking, and bulk packaging for food service and industrial uses. Regardless of the route you choose when it comes to boxing or bagging your goods, our packaging solutions are that final step to getting your snack mix from an idea in your head to a product on the shelves.


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