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Better quality. Better texture. Better taste. With a large R&D staff, research chef, and a full pilot plant, we can create a premium product that will exceed your expectations. Our dedicated marketing, product development, quality assurance, engineers, operations, and regulatory staff work together to offer you a full service, turnkey experience. We are the leader in innovative snacking solutions, and our products can add a new layer of crunch, create the perfect coating, or dial up the flavor for your next snack or meal.

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    Beyond Snacks

    Cultivating Better Ideas

    TH Foods is focused on imagining greater ideas, and those ideas lead to breakthrough snack innovations that generate a higher demand from your customers. We provide premium nuts, various fruits, and indulgent confections to help your product stand out on the shelf. Enhance your culinary experience by transforming our crunchy crackers into the most satisfying crust, or add just the right amount of spice with our hot churrito sticks. The combinations and possibilities with our indulgent ingredients are endless!

    Breakfast Tartlets

    Start your day with this quick, easy, on-the-go bite with our thin, light, and crispy cracker that makes the most delicious tart shell.

    More Flavor

    Yogurt Parfaits

    Elevate your yogurt parfait by mixing in a sweet, blueberry-flavored crunch for a satisfying morning treat. Great as an inclusion or topping!

    A Good Morning

    Crunchy Hot Shrimp

    The perfect blend of hot and cool with a delicious coating of ground garlic sesame sticks make for a unique flavor and crunch!

    Better Breadings

    Chorizo Egg Bites

    These savory egg bites have a flavorful, crunchy coating of ground churrito and nacho corn sticks. Have heat and savory meet with this spicy seasoning.

    Endless Flavor

    Mexican Street Corn

    Add some spice and crunch to your Mexican street corn with some chopped hot churrito sticks! Munch more by creating better flavors and toppings.

    Spice Things Up

    Tex Mex Poutine

    This crowd pleaser replaces fries with crunchy, bold corn sticks for added flavor and crunch! Enhance your meals with an unforgettable inclusion.

    Endless Options

    Spicy Crunch Burrito

    Turn up the heat! Incorporate some extra spice and crunch to your burrito with our distinctive churrito shape corn sticks that are covered with hot sauce seasoning.

    Turn Up The Heat


    Get creative with a spicy, cheesy topping for this dinnertime favorite. Our twisted corn sticks can provide that extra source of crunch.

    Add A Crunch

    Asian Chicken Bowl

    Fill up on healthy greens, nutrient-packed chicken, and flavorful toppings with this simple recipe. Our sesame sticks take your food from bland to bold.

    Added Crunch

    Noodle Salad

    Ditch the croutons, and top your next salad with a handful of perfectly-seasoned sesame sticks to give your meal added crunch and sweetness.

    More Than Croutons

    Chicken Tenders

    It’s all about the breading for these tenders! Our spicy party mix makes the perfect, crunchy coating for your favorite protein.

    Fun Coatings

    Cheddar Crunch Burger

    A new twist on an old favorite. Add a little extra cheddar flavor to your cheeseburger with our delicious cheddar cheese corn sticks.

    Bolder Toppings

    Let Us Help Craft Your Culinary Dream

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    Exciting Inclusions

    Enhance your product and excite consumers’ senses with culinary-inspired ingredients from TH Foods. Ethnic flavors, layers of sweet and heat, and an undeniable crunch build out the complexity of a product and set it apart from the rest. We can provide premium-quality nuts in varying shapes and sizes, a soft chew or subtle snap with our dried fruit selections, and an indulgent treat with our chocolate-coated confections.


    From almonds and peanuts to pistachios and macadamias, we have both simple and complex premium nuts.

    Premium Nuts


    Flavor is brought to a new level with our offerings of different dried fruits, such as apples, papaya, and red sour cherries.

    Dried Fruits


    We can coat your favorite inclusions with dark, milk, or white chocolate selections, and even yogurt too.

    Sweet Coatings

    Claims To Fame

    Mixes And Ingredients For All

    TH Foods is proud to offer a variety of snack mixes and inclusions to align with the lifestyle goals and needs of you and your customers with better-tasting, better-for-you selections. Some of the most sought-after ingredients that we see and that our facilities can provide abide by the claims listed below.


    Gluten-free foods are growing in popularity, and our gluten-free options offer all the flavor, texture, and satisfaction of comparable snacks without the stomach pain or regret.


    non-GMO logo


    Ingredients and mixes at TH Foods can be made without additions that were derived from genetically-engineered organisms.


    organic logo

    USDA Organic

    Organic options are both healthy and tasty with selections from TH Foods. Our organic ingredients are handled with special care and pride to ensure integrity.


    kosher logo


    The Hebrew word “kosher” means fit or proper as it relates to Jewish dietary law. Our kosher foods are permitted to be eaten, and can be used as ingredients in the production of additional food items as well.


    vegan logo


    For those who practice a vegan diet, we have a variety of options to align with this lifestyle. Crunch, texture, and satisfying taste excels with our vegan selections.


    whole grain logo

    Whole Grain

    Whole grain ingredients and snacks pack more punch, flavor, and health benefits, and our deep lineup of specialty crackers and chips provide just that.


    Low Sodium

    Too much sodium can be problematic for our diets, which is why TH Foods offers inclusions with low sodium to ensure healthier foods and longevity.


    Clean Label

    Everything is better when it's clean, including ingredients. Our snacks can be engineered with various clean label ingredients to adhere to this lifestyle dietary choice.



    We are the leader in designing new tastes and textures that will not only enhance your product, but really help it stand out. We incorporate trend data and our own proprietary research-driven insights to develop new concepts. For example, grain-free trends lead to plant-based products. On-the-go snacking inspired an everything bagel breakfast snack mix with indulgent greek yogurt-covered fruit. Demographic-specific research inspired new bold flavor fusions that we know millennials desire. Each new insight inspires innovations, and those innovations create repeat customers.


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    We can slow roast and evenly coat each batch of ingredients to perfection, we can dice any of our nuts or dried fruits to custom or specific size requirements, our systems can envelop your ingredients with premium chocolate, yogurt, or unique flavors and colors, we can boost flavor profiles with various seasonings, we are able to hand mix our blends to ensure accuracy and minimize breakage, and our proprietary process enables us to make the best-tasting sesame, corn, and specialty mix components.


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