TH Foods’ Response to COVID-19

Posted: January 4,2021

TH Foods has instituted numerous changes to standard operating policies in response to COVID-19.

TH Foods continues to evaluate and adjust policies to adapt to changing regulations and the needs of employees and customers. The ability to operate safely is a priority for TH Foods. TH Foods is adhering to all local, state, and federal guidelines and best practices, specifically:

We have enhanced sanitization and social distancing measures:

  • All in-person work has been limited to employees whose essential work cannot be completed remotely.
  • All on-site employees have been provided gloves and face masks or face shields and are required to wear masks at all times while at TH Foods’ locations, with the exception of while eating/drinking when on break.
  • Break areas have been optimized and additional break areas added to support social distancing.
  • Modifications, including the addition of plexi-glass barriers, have been added to break rooms, locker rooms and plant workspaces.
  • We have invested in major reconfigurations to our office work areas. This includes the use of plexi-glass barriers between cubicles, the elimination of workspaces to allow for social distancing, and the addition of new restroom access points to ensure foot traffic flows in a single direction.
  • Pre-shift meeting and training practices have been modified to accommodate social distancing.
  • Additional hand sanitizer stations have been added throughout facilities.
  • Enhanced sanitization of work areas and commonly used spaces has been added.
  • Ongoing communication and training with employees to ensure they are up-to-speed with the latest regulations and policies occurs on a regular basis.
  • Travel guidelines at the federal, state, and local levels are monitored and precautionary quarantine guidelines are in place as required.

We have implemented work-from-home options for employees who can complete their work remotely:

  • TH Foods has purchased computers, software, and other equipment necessary to enable all workers with the ability to do so to perform his/her duties remotely.
  • Remote-work employees were surveyed to better understand concerns, benefits and challenges with this arrangement and respond with resources and equipment that could enhance their productivity.
  • We continue to work from home and review the current situation to address a safe time to return to the office.

Supporting our employees is our priority.

At TH Foods, we recognize the COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges and that these unprecedented times require our employees to adapt to precautionary measures that were not previously part of our normal lives. In an effort to support our employees who are required to take time off work to self-quarantine, TH Foods has established a special compensation structure for employees who meet the established qualifications. In addition, the company has implemented additional leave options and a relaxed attendance policy to accommodate COVID-19 absence-related needs.

During the holidays (from Thanksgiving weekend through January 3), we are providing increased compensation for weekend work and holiday work at our plant locations.

Additionally, TH Foods has provided several “appreciation gifts” to its employees, including a $200 gift per employee in lieu of the annual company appreciation banquet, and a separate appreciation bonus to recognize the dedication, loyalty and hard work of its employees during this unprecedented time.

As we move into 2021, we are planning for the future.

TH Foods has established a team of cross-functional employees to form a “back to office” team to address concerns regarding returning to the office and ensure it happens in the safest way possible.

Together, we are making a difference.

TH Foods’ Crunchmaster® brand has partnered with key organizations to help those impacted by COVID-19:

  • Providing health food options to frontline healthcare providers: The Crunchmaster® brand partnered with Wise Wellness Guild™, an organization that empowers whole-self wellness and peak performance, to provide healthy food options to those on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Wise Wellness Guild™ has orchestrated the donation of close to 100,000 sealed food packages of Crunchmaster® Crackers to frontline healthcare professionals at hospitals across the Midwest.
  • Providing access to gluten-free products:
    • The Crunchmaster® brand partnered with the Celiac Disease Foundation®to provide gluten-free care packages to consumers who can’t find or can’t afford gluten-free products due to COVID-19. The response has been overwhelming, with recipients sharing that often food pantries will not carry gluten-free options.
    • To continue to meet this need for gluten-free options at food pantries, TH Foods donated Crunchmaster® products to the Northern Illinois Food Bank and to the Nevada Chapter of “Feeding the Children.”
    • TH Foods also responded directly to a request from the Food Allergy Research & Education Teen Advisory Group, who shared that teens were having trouble finding gluten-free snacks during the pandemic. TH Foods recently sent nearly 1,000 samples of Crunchmaster® products to the group.

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